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    I get many questions about the difference between gua sha and jade roller. In effect, the two know kind of the same, but on a slightly different level. Jade rollers are a little easier to use, because all you have to do is to roll it on your face with an upward, outward motion. Like gua sha, it is amazingly reduces bloating, stimulates lymphatic and blood circulation, elastin and collagenproduction, accelerates detoxification and self-healing processes, removes muscle blocks, enhances skin glow, and smoothes out existing wrinkles too.

    The gua sha, however, because it works deeper and it is a little more technical to use, it does all that with slightly more intensively and more visibly. It takes a bit more practice to use it, but relax, it’s not hard either, you just have to get a better feel for the right grip. The point is, you should never work with the edge, but always keep it at a 15-degree angle (almost flat). In addition, before your gua sha massage always mist (with a toner) and apply 1-2 drops of oil on your face. So that it slides properly and you won’t create new wrinkles. Whereas, jade rollers can be used on their own on dry skin, or you can also roll over sheet masks for example, so you get a deeper penetration of active ingredients.

    Overall, I would say that the rollers are faster, easier-to-use face massage tools, while gua shas are worth spending a little more time on, but the result will be a bit more visible as well.

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    🇬🇧 English in the comments! | A két kedvenc arcmasszírozó eszközöm: rózsakvarc roller és gua sha. ♡ Mostanában kevesebbet mutogattam őket aktív használatban, de van egy “Gua sha” kiemelt folder a feed-emen, ahol meg tudjátok nézni, hogy kell ez utóbbival dolgozni. ☺️ .. Ha pedig szeretnétek egyet otthonra, van pár gazdira váró jó minőségű darabom (online shop-okban az ásványt elég gyakran hamisítják!) a képen látható gua sha-ból és face rollerből. ✨ Írjatok itt kommentet vagy üzit, és mondom a részleteket! 😉 .. Nagyon szuper hatásai vannak mindkettőnek: – serkentik a vér- és nyirokkeringést – csökkentik a vizesedést, puffadást – segítik az oxigén- és tápanyagszállítást a bőrsejtekhez + méreganyagok kiürülését – gyorsítják a gyógyulási időt (pl. pattanások esetén ~ ha valakinek aktív pattanásai vannak, arra nem szabad rámenni egyik eszközzel sem! Ebben az esetben a nyakon kell dolgozni. Ezt elmagyarázom, hogyan, írjatok ezzel kapcsolatban is nyugodtan!😉) – serkentik a kollagénképződést ~ ránctalanító hatásúak – segítik a kozmetikumok hatóanyagainak mélyebb felszívódását – csökkentik a pattanások kialakulását – lazítják és oldják az izomgörcsöket, blokkokat (pl. fogcsikorgatás, migrén esetén különösen hatásosak) – fokozzák a bőr ragyogását – stresszoldó hatásúak stb.

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    This is usually the second most common question I get. I can say that if you believe in the healing power of crystals then yes, definitely. If not at all, it is only as much as which one calls you, which one you like. If you, like me, belong to the former camp, you can read below which crystal has what properties and for which skin type is recommended for.

    • JADE: Soothes, detoxifies, heals the kidneys and bladder, strengthens the nerves, protects against diseases and makes you more balanced. It is a wound healer, cell regenerator, removes sleep problems and enhances fertility. It is ideal for mixed, oily skin as it helps to balance oil production.
    • ROSE QUARTZ: The stone of love and the heart. Eliminates negative energies, sadness, depression, and helps with self-esteem. It heals the heart and skin burns. Anti-aging, firming, lifting, soothes and brightens sensitive, dull skin.
    • BIAN STONE: Very rich in minerals (magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, etc.), protects the aura, neutralizes negative ions, balances body energy levels, prevents and alleviates typical stress symptoms (eg migraine, neck and shoulder pain, allergies), PMS, constipation, etc.). It is also effective against stress, depression and insomnia. It has an antioxidant effect on the skin, tightens, wrinkles and reduces the size of pores.
    • AMETHYST: The most powerful soothing stone to help you sleep better. It supports thoughtfulness, focus (excellent for those who are prone to being disorganised), dispels anger, fear, sadness. It has a good effect on the hormonal system, strengthens the immune system, reduces pain (such as headaches) and purifies the blood. It is anti-inflammatory, calming, detoxifying, so it is one of the best crystals for reactive skin with acne or irritation.

    • MOON STONE: The stone of femininity. It helps reduce mood swings, stress and stomach problems, stimulates lymphatic function and balances hormone levels. It relieves menstrual complaints and supports female fertility. It has wound healing, acne and cleansing effects.
    • FLUORIT:  Strong protective mineral, heals the respiratory tract, colds, flu, arthritis, helps brain work (studying), reduces electrosmog (computer, tv). Purifies the aura, enhances intuitive abilities. It is cell regenerating, antiviral, it cures skin diseases, eczema and allergic skin symptoms.
    • AGATE: A lucky, protective, strong earthing stone which helps to start over. Also helps with gut issues, it calms the mind, improves mental activity and memory. It heals, among other things, the eyes, uterus, stomach, lymphatic system and pancreas. It stimulates the renewal of skin cells, eliminates acne and relieves irritation.
    • OPAL: A very delicate, sensitive stone, one of the most powerful healers. No wonder why this is the crystal of Shamans and wizards. It supports intuition, understanding each other, honest communication, reduces fear, anxiety, and helps creativity. It cleanses the blood and kidneys and reduces PMS symptomes. Very effective for varicose veins, edema and water retention. It is a stone for dry skin that is deficient in water, but it also effectively reduces redness and puffiness.

    If you have any more questions, just let me know! 🙂 You can also buy gua shas and jade rollers from me if you live in Hungary, just send me a DM if you are interested! 🙂

    Have a beautiful day and take care of your skin!

    Peonilla xx

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