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    Less is more

    One of the most common skincare mistakes is that you use too much products. You might think that from an antioxidant-rich serum the more the better, but unfortunately that is not the case. In fact, the exact opposite is true, too much product can unbalance your skin, clog pores (hello, breakouts!) and even trigger irritation. Beyond a certain amount, the skin cannot absorb more. Not to mention that you can save a lot of money as well by not splashing your expensive cosmetics onto your face. Do you usually have a sticky skin for a long time after completing your skincare routine? Then you are very likely to overdo it. But let’s see how much you actually need from each product category!


    If you use a larger amount of it, you can easily dry out your skin.

    Gel: size of a hazelnut

    Cream: size of a dime

    Balm: size of a fat grape


    Size of a smaller strawberry

    Tip: Never use a scrub more than 1-2 times a week and say no to exfoliators with microbeads (polyethylene or polypropylene) – they are extremely damaging to the environment.


    Normal bottle: A few drops

    skincare product

    Mist: Spray 2-3 times

    Tip: Exfoliating acids can dry out and irritate your skin if used too often. If you have sensitive skin, start with 1-2 times a week and never forget to use sunscreen. For sensitive skin, BHA or PHA exfoliators or enzyme peels are recommended, as they are gentler than AHA.


    Size of a pine nut around each eye. If you apply too much of it, milia (small, white bumps) may appear on the skin around your eyes. Beeswax, paraffin and lanolin-containing or too heavy greasy eye creams can also cause this.

    Tip: Always apply eye cream with gentle, tapping motions, do not pull the skin! Find out when is best for you to use it. To me, if I apply my eye cream at night, my eyes get puffy in the morning.


    Size of a raisin

    If the bottle has a pump, then one or two pumps, if a pipette, then 3-4 drops will be enough.



    Size of a contact lens

    It depends on the size of your face and how dry your skin is, but a size of a contact lens or a little more should be enough.


    1-3 drops


    1 teaspoon


    1 teaspoon

    Tip: Apply sunscreen 365 days a year and make sure your ears and neck are well covered too. This should always be the last step in your routine.


    Now you know the proportions, the only question is, in what order should you use your skincare products? The right answer is to always move from the lighter texture to the heavier, richer ones. Thus, a possible order may be: facial cleanser, toner / exfoliator, serum, moisturizer, eye cream, face oil, and finally sunscreen. (After the sunscreen comes the foundation. Wait until its well absorbed and apply the foundation very gently.)

    Have a nice day and beautiful skin!

    With love,

    Peonilla xx


    Photo: Pinterest, Peonilla


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