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  • Honey is so great for your skin

    Don’t just put it in your tea, apply it to your face! Honey has so many amazing benefits for your skin including healing acne, hydrating, making your skin look brighter and much more.

    Let’s get straight to it: honey is brilliant if you want clean, blemish-free, firm, hydrated skin. And who does not want that, right? 😊 This wonderful sweet liquid gold is full of vitamins, trace elements, enzymes, proteins, salts and acids. It has antibacterial, antimicrobial properties so it is very effective if you suffer from acne. It helps to regenerate the tissues of your skin, heals wounds, lightens scars, reduces inflammation, and also supports the skin’s water retention and retaining ability, thus enhancing its hydration. Moreover, it has anti-aging and functions as sunscreen to some degree.

    What type of honey to choose?

    Definitely opt for good quality, preferably organic honey. The darker the color, the higher the mineral content. If you are ok with it money wise, buy manuka honey, which has even stronger antibacterial effects and it is more hydrating for the skin as well. Raw honey is also ideal. I personally use a dmBio wild honey at the moment, which is perfect, especially because its packiging is very practical, so I don’t have to use a spoon and it looks better on my bathroom shelf as well.
    Also, it is very important to choose a honey that is smooth without any granules (crystallized parts) in it because they can hurt and irritate your skin!

    How to use it?

    If you have serious acne try to wash your face with honey for a month and don’t use anything else on your skin (no makeup, no nothing, max a light, clean serum) and you will be surprised by the result. Your breakouts will start to heal, scars will begin to fade and your skin will be so moist and hydrated as never before. It is my personal experience as well. I always wash my face with honey every morning, and often in the evening too after my oil cleanser.

    First, remove makeup, dirt (for example with a gentle micellar water), wash your face with lukewarm water, and then spread a teaspoon of honey onto damp skin. Massage thoroughly in circular motions and rinse with lukewarm water.
    If you are over 35, your skin may have already started loosing hydration, so honey might not be enough nourishing for you. In this case, it is better to switch to an oil cleanser. But, if you are struggling with severe acne, you can still give honey a try.

    • As a mask

    If your skin tends to be more on the oily side, you can use honey as a mask as well, which basically means that you apply it on clean skin and live it on for 15 to 30 minutes. You will love the result: smooth, glowing, healthy looking skin. It easily comes off with lukewarm water, just make sure you don’t put it in your hair.

    Do not use it!

    If you are allergic to honey, do not use it on your skin either. Same, if you experience any irritation or discomfort during or after use.

    Personally, I really love honey, so I hope you will too if you give it a go!

    Peonilla xx



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