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  • 7 skin signs that you are lacking essential vitamins and minerals

    1. Dry skin and premature aging

    If you are constantly suffering from dry, dehydrated skin and may have more wrinkles than you should have at your age, the primary cause (besides probably not drinking enough water) is the deficency of vitamin A and E and essential fatty acids (omega). 3-6-9) .

    What can you do? Drink more water, eat more omega-rich fish, avocado, seafood, plant oils, seeds, plus carrots rich in vitamin A, celery, spinach, bell pepper, apricots and a whole lot of dark green leafy vegetables. And to „supplement” vitamin E, eat more broccoli, nuts, almonds, parsley, beans, peas, wheat germ, eggs and liver.


    Of course, you may have a light skin, but excessive paleness is not a natural condition. Extremely pale skin is mostly due to B12 deficiency and colorless lips are to iron deficiency. You should get a little more of these vitamins!

    What can you do? If you are a vegetarian or vegan, you should consider eating some lean meat at least once or twice a week. I was also a vegetarian and even vegan for a while, but my personal experience is that it is unfortunately not for everyone. If you experience hair loss, lethargy, fatigue as well, then I would definitely think about moderate meat eating. Fish, seafood, eggs and dairy products also contain vitamin B12, but you can also take some supplements just to make sure you have enough of it. I would also recommend more meat in case your lips are kind of white without a nice lipstick, but you can also eat more iron rich poppy seeds, dark green vegetables, legumes, wheat bran, millet, pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds.

    3. Dark or yellowish discoloration around the eyes

    If you don’t sleep enough, it is not surprising that deep dark circles appear under your eyes. However, if this is not the case, this could be a sign of liver problems (do drink too much alcohol?) or allergies. It can be any allergy from dust allergies to pollen. On the other hand, yellow color around the eyes may indicate heart problems and high cholesterol. (If the white of the eye is yellowish it also refers to liver issues.) If you see red or purple discoloration under your eyes, this may indicate vascular stasis around the kidneys.

    What can you do? Sign up for an allergy test and take care of your liver, kidneys and heart a little bit better. Drink liver cleansing teas daily with plenty of purified water. Such is e.g. nettle, milk thistle, small thistle and green tea (matcha is great too). Avoid smoking, drinking, and eating fatty, breaded stuff. Choose blood and liver cleansing beets, apples, grapefruit, garlic, lemon, cucumber, cabbage, parsley, curcuma and cinnamon instead.

    4. Cracked mouth corners

    Probably everyone has experienced this unpleasant symptom. Unless you cut your mouth with a dry bread crust, you probably have vitamin B2 deficiency.

    What can you do? The best B2 (also known as riboflavin) sources are bread, cereals, liver, cheese, fish, egg yolks, legumes, meat, spinach, brown rice or oats. Refuel from these!

    5. Redness and dryness around the nose

    You can be almost certain you have vitamin B6 deficiency. If your lips are also constantly dry and cracked, it is even more likely that you are lacking this vitamin.

    What can you do? Include more salmon, tuna, liver, potatoes, cereals, leeks, chickpeas, bananas, mushrooms, chestnut, legumes and seeds in your diet.

    6. Puffy eyes

    If your eyes are puffy in the morning it is not necessarily a serious situation. But if you carry your puffy eyes around with you all day, it could be a sign of iodine deficiencyNormally, 150 micrograms is the required daily intake of iodine (200 micrograms during pregnancy and breast feeding). If you are always cold, tired, constipated, you suffer from dry skin, hair loss, excess weight and mood swings, your chances of lacking in iodine is even more likely.

    What can you do? Get some iodized sea salt and eat iodine-rich foods like beef, strawberries, blueberries, seaweed, fish, prunes, eggs and yogurt.


    Have a beautiful skin!

    Peonilla xx


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