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    Something that was so part of my everyday life (no, not coffee) and did not cause any other symptoms so it didn’t even come up until now… But I’m really happy that it finally did. So here is my story!

    I promise I am not going to be stalling, but I just want to say at the beginning that I’ve tried literally everything in the past few years, I have been paying attention on my health, eating well and I read practically all the articles and books on the subject to figure out what caused my breakouts which almost always appeared around my chin and mouth.

    I recently also tried to give up coffee: I didn’t drink a sip for 3 months since January and though my skin seemed to be clearing up after the first 2-3 weeks (that’s when I wrote the post 5 reasons why giving up coffee is worth it , which in fact has many truths!), later the little b*tches came back. I was very very disappointed, but I decided not to give up.

    Since I tried everything (literally everything), and I knew that usually the cause of pimples concentrated around the mouth and chin area is in many cases hormonal, I was almost sure that this must be the cause for me as well. I fixed an appointment with a dermatologist, who supposed to be holistic (ergo will not put me on drugs straight) but my „date” with her would have been in 1.5 months. Which is a loooong time so I thought I would try to figure out something by myself until anyway. If someone is in a similar shoe, knows exactly the situation where you go on Youtube, search for “This is how I cured my acne naturally” and binge watch all the upcoming videos, right? (Or is it just me? 😁) I talked with a lot of people having the same issue, I started following others on Instagram who seem to be experts on the topic, and I do not remember exactly where, but somewhere was a sentence that eventually led me to the solution.

    WHAT Is Something THat you could never GIVE UP?

    The point is, if food is the cause of your acne, you should suspect something that you really really love, eat or drink every single day, and if someone told you you have to say goodbye to it, you would probably break into tears. So for me this was definitely coffee , which I quit for 3 months, but unfortunatley that did not help. I would add that my skin was actually quite nice, less dehydrated and somewhat just more beautiful, but the little bastards on my chin annoyed me much more… and (unfortunately) I LOVE coffee, so I stopped punishing myself for nothing and got back to my daily latte-s. Which also made me realize that it is very important not to forget about our souls! Skin is a very complex organ, we are sentient beings  – so how we feel, really does affect the condition of our skin (and of course, vice versa).

    But back to the food thing. I wondered what else is there that I’m obsessed with, and I could not give up. And then it just popped into my mind that even though I haven’t had any dairy for more than 10 years, somehow butter just stayed a staple in my diet. It was the only type of dairy that after eating it I did not feel the typical inflammatory, abdominal symptoms, so I sticked to it because… I just love spreading butter on bread. I love it so much that I was eating at least a slice of whole grain bread every day with butter. (Although my spouse kept saying that I use way too much … and maybe there was something in it. 🙄) I also used to have butter and jam on bread for breakfast for many years which I managed to quit, and I only eat oatmeal or pancakes (my own recipe) now. But the “butter parties” in the evenings did not end, and when I thought about it, I felt like I do not want to give it up. I was obviously addicted. 🤷

    So one evening I decided to see what would happen if I quit my usual bread&butter and I ate something else instead. I couldn’t believe my eyes, I’m not lying in 3 days all my breakouts have disappeared and I haven’t had any new ones since!!! This has been going on for more than a month now, so I think it is not too early to say that I found the real cause. 

    I am very happy because it was practically an endless struggle for me for many many years, which seriously soured my everyday life. Anyone who fought the same thing knows exactly what I’m talking about. (If you don’t, take a deep breath now and say a big thank you for your fate!) Acne fighters, I ‘m telling you not to give up!! Never ever. I learned a lot about skin and health in the past years, and for sure I would have never started this blog if I hadn’t have issues with my skin. This is one reason why I am actually really grateful for my breakouts.

    But, the point is: try to think about which food (can be more than one) you could not give up and you eat a lot of! You do not have to give up all of them, if there are more. I rather advise you to choose one, quit it for a couple of months and see what happens. If nothing, then you can try the same with the next food and so on. If you look deep into yourself, you will certainly find such food / drink.

    NOT ONLY MILK to blame

    There are plenty of articles about how bad milk is, because there are hormones in it coming from the mother cow … not to mention the process it goes through till it ends up on supermarket shelves. For adults it is actually quite hard to digest milk, causing a lot of bloating for many people, which they get used to eventually and think it’s perfectly normal. (But I must say it is NOT! You should not be able to withstand any bloating, because it is not normal to feel gassy after every single cappuccino you have). And one more thing, hormones in milk also have the ability to mess up our own endocrine system, which for some of us appears in the form of acne, that our bodies use as a sign to say „hey, pay attention to me there is something wrong here!”

    However, this is not only true for milk, but also for all dairy products: cheese, butter, yogurt, kefir, and even other foods with milk in them, for example protein powders, puddings, etc. I mean, not for everyone for sure. We are not the same, everyone’s body is different, the point is, to “learn” how yours works, what it likes and what it does not. Because believe me, it will let you know! Sometimes in the form of bloating, sometimes in the form of acne, eczema, or other health symptoms. Our bodies are very clever, we just need to learn to be in tune with them.

    Mine was also trying to let me know but I was just so “used to” a kind of routine in my diet that it did not „poke my eye” that butter was also a dairy product.

    Anyway, I do not want to keep you guys, this post is already much longer than what I planned, so sorry about that. I hope that my story will help some of you out there! Please do not give up because there is always a solution! It took me over 15 years to figure it out, but finally I did. 😊 And You will too!


    I wish you a beautiful day and even more beautiful skin!

    Peonilla xx


    Fotó: Unsplash, Pinterest


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